About Us

Tilsatec – Where It All Began
Tilsatec started life as a technical division of Sirdar Spinning Limited based in West Yorkshire, England. The company has been on the same site since 1890 manufacturing yarns for a number of different applications. With 135 years of experience there isn't a lot the company doesn't know about yarn and textiles manufacturing, so it was a logical diversification to move into producing high performance technical yarns for PPE. The Rhino proprietary yarn technology was designed to deliver a step change in cut resistance performance in a cost effective hand solution. In 2006 Tilsatec was awarded the Queen's Awards for Enterprise in the innovation category for the successful development and commercialization of the Rhino yarn and subsequent range of hand and arm protection.  

Tilsatec North America - Locations
Tilsatec serviced the US automotive and metal stamping industries experiencing rapid growth in the early years. In 2008 Tilsatec North America was established in Ontario, Canada to offer North America based sales support and distribution. In 2012 Tilsatec North America restructured its operations establishing a Headquarters in the USA and realigning the two regional distribution centres in the US and Canada to offer customers a fast, readily available inventory and prompt delivery service.  

Eupora - A History of Glove Making
In 2015 Tilsatec North America acquired a dedicated manufacturing and warehousing facility in Eupora, Mississippi. It made perfect sense for Tilsatec to take this site on as it has a long and rich history of glove making. Originally built in the 1940's by Wells Lamont the factory has seen a lot of gloves produced since that time and we intend to continue this legacy in the next phase of Tilsatec's growth and expansion. Part of this legacy is being able to retain the skilled workers who have been at the site for many years which is something we're very proud to be able to do supporting the local community. 

The plant has seen many changes since those days however and is now a modern manufacturing facility able to produce a range a technical, high performance PPE requirements. It is now possible to select from a number of finishes and styling options such as cuff length and type, thumb reinforcements, additional labelling and branding so your hand protection is designed exactly the way your workforce need it. 

Rhino Yarn Technology
The unique Rhino steel core yarn forms the base of most Tilsatec cut resistant products. Developed using proprietary yarn technology in-house, Rhino yarn delivers the highest levels of cut resistance, which is further enhanced with the addition of high performance coatings or leather reinforcements to produce products that can protect in even the most demanding working environments.