General Purpose
HAND protection RANGE

The General Purpose Hand Protection Range
is designed to deliver maximum comfort and
dexterity, an ergonomic fit and design features
that keep your hands comfortable and protected.


A lightweight range of coated gloves suitable for a wide variety of tasks from automotive assembly and maintenance to product assembly, construction and general handling. High levels of comfort and dexterity with a high degree of touch sensitivity allows the wearer to carry out the lightest of duties with ease.

KnuckleGuard RANGE

KNUCKLEGUARD is the exciting new range of gloves from Tilsatec designed to provide extreme impact protection. A unique TPR design has been developed to protect key impact points on the back of the hand and a padded foam TPR pad to the whole knuckle area prvents any direct contact to the knuckles on impact. With a colour way and leather palm grip design to suit, the KNUCKLEGUARD range has got you covered. 

GP Leather RANGE

The leather range of General Purpose Hand Protection is manufactured using the highest quality soft grain leather to provide maximum comfort and flexibility with durability and protection to carry out a number of duties requiring comfort, protection and cushioning.